Advanced Cannabis Solutions FAQ

Why doesn’t management release more information with regard to what the company is doing?

  • Because CANN is publicly traded, the management team has to be cautious about what it releases or discusses with regard to company information and plans. The SEC and FINRA have rules and expectations they expect ACS, Inc to follow in order to be publicly traded. While the CANN experience isn’t unique to being publicly held, the cannabis industry is in its infancy and receiving a fair degree of scrutiny. Feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the day-to-day grind.

Are you a real company?

  • Yes. We are a real company with real people, buildings, and goals. The management team comes from very diverse backgrounds and embraces the opportunities and realities of working in an exciting industry. We have a property in Pueblo, CO, we’ve launched ACS Wholesale, and the management team has consulted with other aspiring cannabis leaders to see if our investment models might work for them. Because ACS is a real company, the company invests in attorneys and auditors to ensure that we’re compliant with the wishes of the SEC and our investors. You can find our SEC filings on the website under Investor Relations.

Where does the company grow and sell cannabis?

  • Advanced Cannabis Solutions does not grow, harvest, sell, or distribute cannabis; nor do we intend to do so in the future. We assist operators in the cannabis industry with capital requirements, consulting, and ancillary products/services. ACS has looked at several different business models that could support revenue streams and goals for the company. Because of the nature of our industry (high risk), investing in the right places with the right operators takes time and an enormous amount of due diligence.

How many employees does ACS have?

  • 6. Two of which spend a majority of their time developing the ACS Wholesale model. Our President recently named a Chairman of the Board too.

When will the stock be moved up from the grey sheets and free-trading on the OTC like it used to be?

  • We don’t know. ACS’s management team will work with FINRA to ensure appropriate forms, docs, and queries are submitted and responded to in a timely manner to facilitate the process. The decision rests with the governing bodies that regulate publicly traded stocks like CANN.

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